Engineers from UNDP and the Ministry of Health participating in a training session on the use of tablets to register data for the solar energy needs assessment in Gaza

Gaza Strip, 19 December 2018 – UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, conducted a needs assessment on solar energy for health facilities in the Gaza Strip.

The assessment was conducted between 19 November and 10 December of 2018.  A training session was organized on 18 December 2018 on the use of tablets to collect data and GPS locations, with the participation of 16 engineers from UNDP and the Ministry of Health. The data collected covers the materials and resources needed to operate the targeted health facilities using solar energy systems.

A team of engineers visited 74 sites in the Gaza Strip and registered the needed information on the tablets. The sites visited included 15 hospitals, 56 public health clinics (PHCs), and three other health facilities. The team is currently in the process of analysing and documenting the data.

The needs assessment comes as part of collective efforts made in the preparation and adaptation of a unified document on solar energy needs for Gaza health facilities. The assessment will be considered as a reference document for any future interventions.

It is worth mentioning that UNDP, in cooperation with the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority (PENRA), implemented various projects in response to the energy crisis in Gaza, including the installation of solar panels in ten clinics/hospitals, 28 educational facilities and two water facilities.

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