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The donor community, since 1994 has chosen UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP) as one of its most reliable implementation partners for development activities throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. UNDP/PAPP’s responsiveness, flexibility, transparency, and its strong relations with the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian civil society and other UN agencies, are major reasons for its good relations with the donor community. Bilateral discussions are held to build on existing initiatives and expand incentives for working together to optimize resources and outreach.

Funds contributed either by donors or from UNDP's own resources are grants that do not have to be repaid by the Palestinian Authority. UNDP/PAPP operates under international rules of financial management, control and auditing, and as an international public institution, its operations are fully transparent.

  • The total donor contribution to the Palestinian People through UNDP/PAPP from 1993 till the end of August 2013 was over USD 1.1 billion
  • The total expenditure for 2012 reached over USD 63 million
  • PAPP’s core resources are at USD 3,188,000
  • PAPP’s non-core resources total USD 60,298,000
Main Donors 2012
Islamic Development Bank (USD 51,500,000) Sweden (USD 18,362,129)
Germany (USD 4,200,000) USA (USD 2,300,000)
India, Brazil and South Africa Forum (USD 2,000,000) Global Fund (USD 1,660,239)
Japan (USD 1,487,532) Palestinian Authority (USD 1,106,879)

Partners in the Palestinian Authority
Office of the Prime Minister
Prime Minister: H.E. Dr. Rami Hamdallah
Ministry of Planning
Minister of Planning:  H.E. Mohammed Abu Ramadan
Ministry of Finance
Minister of Finance:  H.E. Shukri Bishara
Ministry of Economy
Minister of Economy:  H.E. Jawad Naji
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs:  H.E. Riyad Al Malki
Ministry of Local Government
Minister of Local Government : H.E. Dr. Saed Al-Kuni
Ministry of Education & Higher Education
Minister of Education:H.E. Dr. Ali Abu Zuhri
Ministry of Justice
Minister of Justice:  H.E. Ali Muhana
Ministry of Health
Minister of Health:  H.E. Dr. Jawad Awwad
Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities
Minister of Tourism: H.E. Rula Maiah
Ministry of Agriculture
Minister of Agriculture: H.E. Walid Assaf
Ministry of Interior
Minister of Interior:  H.E. Sai’d Abu Ali
Ministry of Labor
Minister of Labor:  H.E. Ahmad Al Majdalani
Ministry of Transportation
Minister of Transportation:  H.E. Dr. Nabil Dmaidi
Ministry of Public Works and housing
Minister of Public Works and housing:  H.E. Maher Ghneim
Ministry of Telecommunications
Minister of Telecommunications:  H.E. Safa’ Nasser Eddin
Ministry of Islamic Waf
Minister of Islamic Waqf:  H.E. Mahmoud Al Habbash

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