Open discussion would not be an apt description of the way in which HIV/AIDS has been tackled within Palestinian society. There has long been a lack of discussion and dialogue on the issues surrounding the epidemic. Although the West Bank and Gaza has only a few reported cases, it is impossible to gauge the exact statistics and it remains vitally important for people, particularly the young, to be fully aware of the issues surrounding this global epidemic and the measures that can be taken against infection.


The data available for the oPt shows that the incidence rate of HIV/AIDS is low. The challenge is to maintain the low incidence levels, build awareness on prevention, and provide assistance to the PA for a multi-sectoral approach to combating HIV/AIDS in the future.more

Combating HIV and AIDS

UNDP focuses on preventing communicable and sexually transmitted diseases as well as providing treatment and care for HIV+ people and their familiesmore

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UNDP is the Principal Recipient for Global Fund programmes in a number of countries. Over a five-year period, the Global Fund has committed US $11 million to the provision of HIV and AIDS prevention, awareness and support services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Photo: UNDP PAPP
AIDS in Gaza: “I know, so I am not afraid”

Fifty-year-old Um Mohammad, a mother of nine, has been living with HIV for 16 years in the Gaza Strip in the occupied Palestinian territory. She wasmore 

Testimony of a Palestinian living with HIV and AIDS

Mrs. H is a widow with seven children, infected through her husband with HIV. “It was very difficult to cope with the situation when I found out about my HIV status six years ago,” she says. “However, my husband supported me a lot; he always comforted me and said that we will fight it together till we die”. more 

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