Democratic Governance

UNDP’s support in the governance sector is aligned to respond to Palestinian national priorities and realise SDG 5, 10 and 16. In a challenging political context, UNDP focuses on strengthening social contract through the following areas of work: rule of law and access to justice, political inclusiveness, responsible and accountable institution building, and social cohesion.


Supporting the Palestinian people through a strong focus on democratic governance requires empowerment of both the State and its citizens to negotiate and manage expectations. Conversely, a fully viable and sovereign state cannot emerge without ending the occupation. Freedom of movement and lack of jurisdiction in large parts of the oPt hamper the rule of law and delivery of access to justice. more

Promoting Democratic Governance

A Palestinian woman after casting his vote in the West Bankmore

Our Stories

Participants during a workshop at the legal aid clinic in Gaza. Photo: UNDP/PAPP image bank
Legal Aid Clinics in Gaza help people get protection of the law

Asma*  lived in Jabalia Camp in the Gaza Strip where she attempted to raise a family whilst trapped within a violent marriage. Aggression and attacks weremore 

A palestinian woman participates in a training. Photo: UNDP
In Gaza, first female mukhtarah mediates legal disputes

Um Mohammed broke the conservative tribal traditions of her community when she became one of Gaza strip’s first “Mukhtarah” – the female equivalent of Mukhtar, onemore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Supporting Rule of Law and Access to Justice for the Palestinian People

    UNDP’s Rule of Law and Access to Justice Programme aims at the gradual development of justice mechanisms as the Palestinian people prepare for statehood. The programme is worth USD 20,000,000 and funded by the Governments of Sweden, Netherlands,Canada, UNDP/BCPR, Japan and Luxemborgmore 

  • Effective Palestinian Institutions

    This project is part of UNDP’s Supporting Governance for Palestinian Statehood Programme which focuses on three principle areas to support governance for Statehood, namely, strengthen public institutions, foster civic engagement in national planning and policy processes, and strengthen national and international advocacy platforms for the State of Palestine. The ultimate goal is to strengthen Palestinian aspirations to achieve a functioning, accountable and independent State.more 

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