Poverty Oriented Infrastructure through Employment Generation Programme (EGPI - IX)

Brief Description

 A young lady working in the newly constructed Women’s Cultural Centre in Dura/Hebron

This grassroots programme is the first of its kind in the occupied Palestinian territory. While it initially was formulated as relief programme, it has matured into a significant development programme that targets priority social and economic infrastructure needs of Palestinian communities directly, while simultaneously improving access to a variety of services to beneficiary communities and creating short and long term employment generation opportunities.

Since 2002, the Government of Germany through the German Development Bank, KfW, and its implementing partner UNDP/PAPP, have strived to meet the priority development needs of the neediest Palestinians and their communities.
To date, approximately 659 projects in the West Bank (Including Area C), Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem representing all socio-economic sectors have been approved for funding through VIII phases of this unique and popular programme. The programme objectives include

  • Support resilience of Palestinian communities through Social Development initiatives.
  • Improve access to basic service delivery in  impoverished Palestinian communities.
  • Reduce poverty in Palestinian communities.
  • Enhance capacities of Palestinian implementing partners in managing their own local projects and activities.
  • Improve standard of living through the generation of short term and permanent employment opportunities.
  • Stimulate the local Palestinian economy.
  • Catalyst for Strategic Interventions.


  • Approximately 88% of the projects through Phase VIII have been completed.
  • Over 373 Palestinian communities, or 70% of all communities have benefitted from the programme.
  • 197 community service buildings have been constructed. These centers include facilities for local authorities, service providers such as clinics, youth centers, women’s associations, kindergartens, libraries and computer labs.
  • Movements of goods and people have been improved through the construction/rehabilitation of over 140 road/retaining wall projects encompassing over 250  kms of asphalted/tiled roadway and hundreds of meters of retaining walls.
  • Access to safe and reliable drinking water has been enhanced through the installation of thousands of meters of water lines and hundreds of house connections, and construction of numerous water reservoirs of various sizes.
  • Hundreds of classrooms including support facilities such as labs, libraries and multi-purpose halls have been constructed in 70 schools and other educational institutions, thus alleviating overcrowding in classrooms and reducing double shifts, while at the same time enhancing quality of education.  
  • A number of vocational training centers have been constructed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, that have enhanced the skills of men, women, and the disabled in various vocations, thus increasing their income generation and employment opportunities.
  • Children, women, and youth have more  conducive places to develop their athletic, cultural, and social skills.
  • Approximately 900,000 short term workdays have been generated as well as hundreds of permanent jobs have been created such as teachers and administrators.
  • Opportunities provided to small contractors to develop their abilities through small scale projects which have allowed them to gain the necessary experience required to raise their classification within the contractors association.
  • UNDP is working with the Palestinian Higher Council for Youth and Sports to improve  service delivery and capacity of youth clubs constructed through this programme.


  • Through the eight phases of the Employment Generation Programme, 577 of the 659 projects, or 88% have been completed.
  • An additional 24 projects have been approved for funding from the German Development Bank, KfW, as part of the ninth phase.
  • Ten years after their completion, over 95% of infrastructure is functional and properly maintained.

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