Public and Social Infrastructure Development

Brief Description

UNDP’s infrastructure programmes and projects are developed and implemented in line with the Palestinian National Development Plan with the main goal of supporting economic and social development in the occupied Palestinian territory in preparation for statehood. UNDP’s targeted strategic infrastructure interventions are focused on five sectors including energy, transport, housing, education and health. These interventions contribute to

  • Implementing national development interventions towards state building
  • Providing supplementary support to the Palestinian Authority and its institutions
  • Complementing national interventions in areas where the Palestinian Authority has difficulty to intervene (Gaza, Area “C” and East Jerusalem)
  • Providing strategic support and oversight to the Palestinian Authority’s initiatives in Infrastructure development
  • Achieving sustainable development through the Millennium Development Goals

With a portfolio of over USD 91 million and a dynamic team of 60 technical experts in the West Bank and Gaza, UNDP is able to deliver high quality programmes in the fields of social and capital infrastructure, technical assistance and community service programmes. 

Current Interventions

  • Support initiatives to the housing sector in East Jerusalem with a total of USD 4.5 million
  • Construction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Ramallah with a total of USD 11 million
  • Construction of  the Place of Justice in Ramallah with a total amount of USD 24 million
  • Construction of the Khan Younis Wastewater Treatment Plant with a planned investment of USD 55 million
  • Upgrade works for the Gaza Power Substation totaling over USD 3.5 million
  • Support the electricity sector distribution in Gaza totaling over USD 6.5 million
  • Rehabilitation of 8 civil society institutions in East Jerusalem with a total amount of USD 1.7 million
  • Construction of 3 wastewater collection system activities in the northern part of the West Bank totaling over USD 4.5 million
  • Construction of 65 housing units throughout the West Bank totaling over USD 3 million
  • Construction of the Agro-Industrial Park and connecting road  in Jericho with a total of USD 3.8 million
  • Construction of more than 500 housing units throughout Gaza with a total of over USD 15 million
  • Rehabilitation of maternal health facilities in five hospitals and four primary health care centres with a total of USD 0.8 million
  • Rehabilitation and construction of roads using crushed concrete materials with a total of USD 2. millions

Challenges and Constraints

Developing Palestinian public and social infrastructure is key to strengthening statehood. Not only is infrastructure essential for the population to access housing and basic social services, but it is also a prerequisite for a Palestinian State to materialize as a functional entity. The development of nation-wide networks, in particular for water, electricity and transportation, is essential to service all the parts of the territory, including Gaza, Area C and East Jerusalem.

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