Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme

Brief Description

 A beneficiary assisting a staff member at the workshop she owns in producing one of her designs

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme aims at building a  cadre of educated and trained leaders who are civic-minded, intellectually able, and professionally skilled to become community, business, and national leaders of the future. The programme, which targets Palestinian postsecondary students of underserved backgrounds, avails opportunities for them to actualise their potential by overcoming socioeconomic, political and cultural limitations and enabling them to become productive members in the society. 

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme is worth over USD 40 million and funded bilaterally by the State of Qatar’s Al Fakhoora - A Programme of Education Above All and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme has four main components:

  • Quality Education: Domestic undergraduate scholarships, and international opportunities for specialized TVET and graduate students, as well as technical advisory work to support the improvement of quality education in Gaza
    Student Affairs: Comprehensive support services contributing to students’ academic success and wellbeing
  • Leadership and Advocacy: A comprehensive multi-stage training programme to empower students to become leaders and advocates, and to equip them with internationally recognized employable skills. In addition, there are a wide range of opportunities for students to apply the related skills and contribute in their communities throughout their studies
  • Economic Empowerment: Career preparation, internships, networking, and opportunities for entrepreneurship and economic empowerment projects to enable students to bridge the gap between studies and professional life

Accomplishments (2009 - 2015)

  • 604 scholarships have been provided to students from Gaza
  • 216 alumni have successfully completed their academic programmes; this includes 186 BA degree alumni and 30 international MA alumni
  • 551 students have access to academic support and student affairs services
  • 57,424 training hours were provided
  • 7,439 advocacy and leadership activity hours accomplished
  • 42,378 community services volunteering hours by students
  • 180 alumni successfully participated in internships, with a total of 311,880 working days, and an income support for families between USD 900 – USD1500/family
  • 222 family projects were established and provided income to student families

Finances and Delivery


Amount contributed

2014 - 2021  

Al Fakhoora - A Programme of Education Above All Foundation (EAA) USD 28,551,714.12

Amount contributed

2009 - 2017

Islamic Development Bank, Al Fakhoora Programme USD 11,467,723

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