UXOs Clearance and Improvement of Solid Waste Services in Gaza

Brief Description

Palestinian people’s livelihood in the Gaza Strip and their access to essential services were severely impacted as a result of the Israeli bombardment and military operations during the period December 2008-January 2009.

A total of 600,000 tons of rubble was generated and more than 25,000 tons of municipal solid waste accumulated at random dump sites closed to residential areas which poses serious threats to public health.

The overall situation of solid waste management in the Gaza Strip weak as a result of lack of financial and technical capacity and inadequate infrastructure for collection, treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste.

The project aims at reducing threats to public health through clearance and safe disposal of UXOs, and management of municipal solid waste including construction debris in environmentally sound manner.The project will contribute to

  • Securing safe access to the affected residential and agricultural areas
  • Increasing access to solid waste services through primary solid waste collection rate
  • Extending extending the capacity of the 3 official dumping sites in the Gaza Strip
  • Generating more than 400,000 working days to the residents of the affected areas

Progress and Accomplishments

  • Job creation programme on-going, around 242,000 working days generated
  • More than 1200 km of municipal streets have been cleaned and 288,000 carts loaded, which collected around 280,000 m3 of municipal SW.
  • New composting site /civil work completed
  • Draft Feasibility study report prepared
  • 50,000 concrete rubble crushed
  • 5 km of roads rehabilitated by utilising crushed material
  • Around 300 UXOs are removed

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
Government of Japan USD 7,212,000 USD 509,000
Islamic Development Bank USD 1,630,000 USD 149,000
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
Government of Japan USD 4,677,715 USD 4,677,715
Islamic Development Bank USD 450,000 USD 404,000
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
Government of Japan USD 1,520,000 USD 1,520,000

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