UXOs Clearance and Rubble Removal in the Gaza Strip

Brief Description

The overall goal of the project is to bring immediate relief, recovery, and support to the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip through the restoration of essential services and livelihoods. In addition, it will safeguard public health and environment and create emergency employment opportunities.

Through the project, concrete rubble from affected and destroyed public and private buildings within the Gaza Governorates will be sorted, removed and transported to the UNDP crushing area in West Khan Younis.

UXOs and hazardous materials were also removed according to the safety measures and precautions set by UN-MAS and UNEP.A technical team from UNMAT and Mines Advisory Group (MAG) conducted site visits to all crisis affected sites during the project. The crisis-affected sites have been classified into low, medium or high-risk sites according to the level of threat from UXOs.

A training session by MAG was conducted for all UNDP site engineers as well as the workers in the contracted companies. A total of 300 unexploded ordinance and explosive items of different types were removed in addition to 2,100 small arms ammunition (bullets) were found at different places.

Progress and Accomplishments

  • Nearly 137,397 tons of concrete and non-concrete debris were demolished, sorted out and removed from all sites
  • The total number of removed sites is 555 housing units
  • Nearly 8 tons of Asbestos materials were transported to the crushing site. This amount has been treated and stored to prevent any hazard that may occur during the storage period
  • Nearly 90,000 tons of collected and transported concrete rubble are crushed in a specific size. A sample of the crushed material was taken for testing against various standards in order to identify potential reuse

In terms of road rehabilitation, a total of 283,705 square meters of roads have been levelled (equal to 25.76 Km of roads widths 6 m) where a total of 221,798 square meters of crushed materials in different roads is spread. New packages for roads rehabilitation already started. Four packages are on-going with around 9000 ml of curb stones installed and around 12000 square meters of interlock tilled.

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
SIDA USD 1,432,000 USD 270,000
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
SIDA USD 1,630,000 USD 1,630,000
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
SIDA USD 2,021,000 USD 2,021,000

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