Upgrading of water systems in the cities of Jericho and Hebron

Brief Description

The project aims at providing reliable and safe source of potable water supply to the residents of Jericho and Hebron through the upgrading of water supply and distribution systems in both cities.

Jericho Component
The project involved the full upgrading of the water supply and distribution system, which included the following activities:

  • Installation of more than 30,000 meters of water mainlines and distribution networks – Completed in May 2006
  • Demolition of the old pumping station building at Ein Al-Sultan Spring and the construction of two new pumping stations, one at Ein Al-Sultan Spring and the other near the 2000 m³ reservoir, including the installation of five new booster pumps, equipment lifts, and chlorination equipment – Completed in August 2000
  • Construction of Ein Al-Sultan’s Spring Protection Building to cover the water source and avoid contamination of water -  Completed in August 2000
  • Refurbishing of two existing reservoirs 2000 m³ and 500 m³, and construction of a new balancing tank – Completed in March 2001
  • Supply and installation of hydraulic parts and fittings, as well as equipping the water laboratory – Completed in September 2004
  • Training of the water department engineers and technicians on the operation, maintenance and design of the water supply and distribution network, including the supply of five computers to facilitate their work – May 2006
  • Rehabilitation of Ein Al-Sultan Spring that was completed in April 2010. Project activities included rehabilitation of the old facility to preserve the archeological remains at the site as well as landscaping works to encourage domestic and international visitors.

Hebron Component
The project entailed the installation of a tele-control system to facilitate efficient operation, management and maintenance of the water supply and distribution network. Activities included setting up of a control room at the Municipality building and the installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system featured to allow full monitoring and control of the water flows and pressures in the water distribution network as well as water levels in the reservoirs. The system also allows monitoring of the water supply from Al-Fawwar and Al-Safi wells.
The tele-control system will facilitate efficient operation, management, and maintenance of the water supply and distribution network in Hebron City; improve the water delivery services to more than 150,000 residents and control of the water losses in the distribution network. This pioneer project in the occupied Palestinian territory will be used as a model to be emulated by donors for other Palestinian cities.

Accomplishments and Progress

  • A fully functional tele-control system for monitoring and control of the water supply for Hebron city installed and operational
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software installed
  • 4 - 6 Municipality staff trained on operation and management of the tele-control system in Hebron
  • The main water source in Jericho rehabilitated
  • Water contamination risk for 15,000 residents of Jericho City reduced
  • Reliable water supply of an average per capita 100-110 l/c/d supplied
  • Significant part of the water network in Jericho was replaced
  • Two water reservoirs were furbished in Jericho
  • Ein Al-Sultan Spring in Jericho was rehabilitated
  • The quality of water supply for the inhabitants of Jericho and Hebron improved  

Finances and Delivery

Total Amount Contributed till 2009
Donor Amount Contributed
Government of Italy
USD 3,000,000
UNDP USD 210,000

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