Resilience Against Natural Disasters

Brief Description

 Streets and houses submerged with water in the Gaza Strip due to heavy rain

Resilience against Natural Disaster “RAND” aims at promoting a culture for disaster risk prevention, mitigation and preparedness in the State of Palestine. The project focuses on developing institutional and legal frameworks for disaster risk management in the State of Palestine by

1) Enhancing the capacities of Palestinian institutions in integrating disaster risk reduction into national polices and strategies,

2) Improving knowledge and technical skill of stakeholders on disaster risk management through training and awareness,

3) Enabling major cities stakeholders to reduce disasters risks through implementing prevention and preparedness actions, and

4) Improving Palestinian civil defence urban search and rescue capacities.

Progress and Accomplishments

  • Preparedness Assessment report with stakeholder inputs completed and submitted to the office of the President in December 2014. The report highlights short term and long term needs;
  • Legal assessment of the current legislation was conducted in June 2015. As results overlapped, duplications and gaps in the existing legislations were identified and discussed with the stakeholders;
  • Stakeholders’ analysis report for primary and secondary stakeholders involved in the process of disaster risk management was drafted and shared with the stakeholders in August 2015;
  • In line with 2015 Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, an institutional framework for disaster risk management was developed and shared with stakeholders in January 2016;
  • A new law on disaster risk management for the State of Palestine was drafted in February 2016, in consultation with project stakeholders.

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed 2013 Amount Contributed 2014 Amount Contributed 2014
Iceland Ministry of Foreign Affairs USD 135,000 USD 200,000 USD 120,000

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