Renewable Energy Generation through Solar Panels for Public Education, Health and Water Facilities in the Gaza Strip

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The Gaza Strip has been suffering from a chronic deficit in electricity since 2006. Around1.8 million people are living on less than 8 hours of electricity a day as a result of the 61% electricity deficit. Several alternatives, including the use of generators, were initiated to overcome electricity shortages, particularly in hospitals and schools.

The Gaza Strip has an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, making renewable energy an ideal option.  In addressing the needs of the energy sector in Gaza, UNDP with funds from the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), provided a sustainable energy source through the installation of solar panels in schools, healthcare and water facilities.

The Renewable Energy Generation project will improve the livelihoods of approximately 107,000 people, raise awareness about clean energy and lay the groundwork for energy transition – saving money, creating jobs and protecting the environment.

The project is also part of UNDP’s support to the Palestinian Solar Initiative, which aims at meeting 30% of energy demands in the occupied Palestinian territory from renewable resources by 2020.


The main advantage of this project is the long lifecycle of the PV system, reaching more than 25 years. The project’s results include:

  • Construction of solar cells for four schools namely; Basheer AL Rayes in Gaza city, and Akka in Khanyounis,  Raba’a Al Adawiyah in Rafah   and Al Falouja in Jabalia.
  • Construction of solar cells for one 10 HP submersible pump providing water for Down syndrome children society.
  • The construction of solar cells for two maternity health care clinics namely; Hassan Al Harazeen in Gaza city and UAE Red Crescent clinic in Rafah
  • Public awareness to foster the concept of using renewable energy and mainstream it among students, teachers, and health workers in the targeted facilities.


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