Rehabilitation of Water Facilities Project in Area C of the West Bank

Brief Description

 Mechanical works : dismantling and installation of new equipment

As part of the Government of Japan’s (GoJ) assistance to the Palestinian People, and in particular through its “High Impact Micro-Infrastructure (HIMII)” initiative, this economic stimulus initiative is focused on ready to implement projects to provide Palestinians with quick and tangible improvements in support of political negotiations.

The project falls under the national priorities for the enhancement and upgrading of irrigation systems to increase efficiency of water use and development of agricultural services related to irrigated farming. It consists of a group of integrated interventions, which seek to jointly reduce the cost of water, improve its accessibility, and enhance its use and management efficiency and effectiveness.

Progress and Accomplishments

  • 234 water cisterns with total capacity of 22,400m3 were constructed in Jerusalem and Hebron districts.
  • 5 water storage reservoirs in the Jordan Valley and Qalqilyah were constructed with total capacity of 4,000 m³.
  • 8 km of main irrigation networks were supplied and installed to enhance the water conveyance system in the Jordan Valley; the remaining pipes did not get the required permit yet from the Israeli authorities to be installed.
  • 10 underground water wells are being upgraded in the Jordan Valley.
  • 4 water users associations were identified, assessed and selected for the capacity building activity in the Jordan Valley.

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed 2014 Amount Delivered 2014 Amount Delivered 2015 Amount Delivered 2016
Government of Japan USD 2,000,000 USD 858,000 USD 555,000 USD 307,000

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