Development of High Resolution Hydro Climate Model Fostering Cooperation on Water Management between Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli Water Authorities

Brief Description

The main objective of this project is the generation of quantitative data on current and future water availability in the sub-region of the Core Parties in light of the possible impact of climate change and possible changes in land use patterns and water resources. The project is funded by the EU for the amount of USD 411,790. The idea is to downscale the existing regional climate models (resolutions vary between 18.5 km and 25 km) to a finer resolution of 4 to 6 km. Unlike previous projects that focused on climate trends, this project combines climate and hydrological models in order to simulate future water resources (runoff, surface water, and ground water resources).

The project focuses on the following expected results:

  • Quantitative data on current and future water availability scenarios collected and generated in the sub-region of the Core Parties on the basis of existing hydro-climatic models and hydrological and hydro-geological data from the Core Parties;
  • Validated and detailed scenarios for the validation areas specified by the Core Parties in their respective territories;
  • Improved expertise of the Core Parties in the field of high-resolution hydro-climatic models;
  • Identified remedial or mitigation actions on the basis of joint discussions on the implications of the future water availability.

Progress and Accomplishments

  • Six metrological stations were procured and installed for enhancing the gathering and collection of hydrological data in each location selected by the parties (State of Palestine, Jordan, Israel). The stations are in place and functioning.
  • A contract was signed with a local supplier in August 2015 to develop a website in order to ensure that the data from the six metrological stations is accessible from the three countries.  The development of the website was completed in October 2015.
  • A contract was also signed on May 2015 with a French consulting firm (a consortium of three companies, TEC Conseil, ARIA Technologies and ACTERRA-Conseil) to implement the downscaling of a regional Hydro-Climate model.  The first set of generated data will be ready by end of March, 2016
    According to the approved plan prepared by the consultant downscaling of ten climatic Indices will be ready by end of June 2016.  

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed 2013 Amount Disbursed 2014 Amount Disbursed 2015
European Union (EU)
USD 411,790 USD 75,983.38 USD 239,930.63

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