Environment & Energy

  • The Emergency Water Supply and Rehabilitation programme aims to improve the quality of life and health conditions through developing and improving water supply services and facilities in both Rafah and Northern Governorates in the Gaza Strip. The project will also serve residents of the poor camps, suburbs and rural areas surrounding the City of Rafah.

  • The overall goal of the project is to bring immediate relief, recovery, and support to the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip through the restoration of essential services and livelihoods. In addition, it will safeguard public health and environment and create emergency employment opportunities.

  • The project aims at reducing threats to public health through clearance and safe disposal of UXOs, and management of municipal solid waste including construction debris in environmentally sound manner.

  • The project aims at providing reliable and safe source of potable water supply to the residents of Jericho and Hebron through the upgrading of water supply and distribution systems in both cities.

  • UNDP with funds from the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), provided a sustainable energy source through the installation of solar panels in schools, healthcare and water facilities.

  • The project seeks to construct a comprehensive, functional and operational wastewater treatment plant at a flow capacity of 26,600 cubic metres per day to serve over 340,000 residents of Khan Younis for 2018 as a first phase of operation. The implementation, construction and co-financing of the USD 58 million Plant is through UNDP with funds from the Government of Japan and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development through the Islamic Development Bank.

  • The project aims at enhancing the capacities of Palestinian institutions to mainstream and address the challenges of climate change in the areas of reporting, mitigation and adaptation. The Euro 1,455,550 project is funded by the Government of Belgium and implemented by UNDP using the Global Environment Facility (GEF/SGP) modality.

  • The main objective of this project is the generation of quantitative data on current and future water availability in the sub-region of the Core Parties in light of the possible impact of climate change and possible changes in land use patterns and water resources. The project is funded by the EU for the amount of USD 411,790.

  • Resilience against Natural Disaster “RAND” aims at promoting a culture for disaster risk prevention, mitigation and preparedness in the State of Palestine. The project focuses on developing institutional and legal frameworks for disaster risk management in the State of Palestine.

  • The project aims at bringing immediate relief, recovery, and support to the Gaza population through the restoration of essential services and livelihoods, while safeguarding public health and the environment, and creating emergency employment opportunities.

  • This project falls under the national priorities for the enhancement and upgrading of irrigation systems to increase efficiency of water use and development of agricultural services related to irrigated farming. It consists of a group of integrated interventions, which seek to jointly reduce the cost of water, improve its accessibility, and enhance its use and management efficiency and effectiveness.

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