Support to the Palestinian Legislative Council

Brief Description

The project is intended to support and strengthen the capacity of the Palestinian Legislative Council Secretariat in functioning as a typical legislature upon the resumption of the currently suspended parliamentary business. The PLC Secretariat is tasked with providing non-partisan and professional support to the PLC in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

The project will assist the PLC Secretariat in designing operational plans for the crucial period following resumption of parliamentary work, addressing procedural, legislative and administrative challenges. Furthermore, the project will assist in developing the PLC Secretariat's internal administrative functions and processes to ensure that the administrative functions of the PLC Secretariat are up to international standards. It will also provide support in conducting outreach and visibility activities on behalf of the PLC to promote democratic governance even in the current difficult circumstances.

The project is fully funded by the European Union for a total budget of 1.4 million Euro over an operational phase of 18 months.

Progress and Accomplishments

The actual implementation of this project started in January 2012.

  • The office of the project was set up at the PLC premises in Ramallah and a strong partnership was established with the PLC Secretariat management and staff, as well as the implementing partner, IPU
  • A project board and task force was set up with a detailed work plan for the first project board meeting
  • A review of ICT resources, capacities, information management, communication procedures and practices in the PLC Secretariat was conducted with support from the Portuguese Parliament and ICT Global Centre for Parliaments
  • A functional review of the PLC Secretariat structures and a needs assessment of the library and research functions was prepared and will be conducted in April and May, respectively

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
EUREP   USD  191,729
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
EUREP   USD  769,561
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
EUREP USD 952,820 USD 55,598

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