Support to the Role of Civil Society Organizations and Youth in Local Public Oversight

Brief Description

 Youth Council and Municipality of Jericho discussing social accountability with UNDP

Building an effective and capable State includes developing transparent and accountable institutions and processes that are more inclusive and responsive to the need of ordinary citizens. The project aims at promoting social accountability, which emerges through actions by citizens and civil society organization (CSOs), as well as efforts by government, media, private sector and other actors to support and respond to these actions. Youth will take the lead in monitoring municipal performance in the three selected pilot municipalities of Beit Fajjar, Jericho and Qalqylia in the West Bank, as well as Nusseirat municipality in the Gaza Strip.

The project will strengthen the capacity of youth and civil society organizations (CSOs) to monitor and provide feedback to local government bodies on municipal performance. It will also develop the capacity of newly elected municipal officials to engage with their constituencies in order to improve municipal performance and support public participation. This social audit is not an end in itself, but a mean to improve democratic governance policy, performance and impact through closer collaboration between state and society.

The project builds on previous and ongoing joint efforts by UNDP and the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government to strengthen internal accountability mechanisms in state institutions through; developing an integrity index for Local Government Units (LGUs); enhancing national anti-corruption frameworks; improving monitoring and evaluation of development plans; and providing capacity development for public administration personnel. It also compliments joints efforts to strengthening the political participation of youth.


  • The implementation in Gaza due to the geopolitical separation between Gaza and West Bank and lack of elected municipal officials in Gaza.
  • Financial ability of Municipalities to improve services is low due to limited own source revenues.
  • During the political gridlock it is difficult to push ahead with legislative reforms.

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed
UNDP - Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) USD 250,000

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