Strengthening the Rule of Law in the oPt: Justice and Security for the Palestinian People 2014 - 2017: (UNDP/PAPP and UN Women Joint Programme)

Brief Description

 A women, affected by the 2014 War on Gaza, seeking advice from the Mobile Legal Clinic team visiting the area

UNDP/PAPP and UN Women joined forces in 2014 in a Joint Programme aimed at strengthening the capacities of, and public confidence in, rule of law institutions and improving access to justice, security and protection services, especially for women and girls. The Joint Programme was launched on 01 May 2014 and works on both the ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ side of enforcing the rule of law. This means that it works on improving service delivery by building resilient justice and security institutions (supply), whilst at the same time improving the public’s ability to access such services and hold duty-bearers to account (demand).

The new Joint Programme, with an overall budget of USD 30.6 million, has benefited from financial support from the Governments of the Netherlands and Sweden, as well as core contributions from UNDP/BPPS.

The Joint Programme believes that improving the capacities, coordination and linkage of institutional and civil society actors will enable the rule of law system to become more equitable and accountable to the rights and needs of the population, especially those of women and children. This will, in turn, reinforce the ‘social contract’, and further develop the conditions for a viable Palestinian State, based on the rule of law. Specifically, the Joint Programme works on:

  • Supporting justice and security institutions in performing their duties in an effective and professional manner, through developing capacities in the areas of strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, legislative drafting, gender and juvenile justice mainstreaming;
  • Improving access to justice in the West Bank and Gaza Strip through supporting civil society organisations that provide legal aid, monitor the performance of institutions and document human rights violations;
  • Helping justice and security institutions better respond to the specific legal and protection needs of women and girls;
  • Ensuring that legal services adequately respond to the needs of women and girls and that violations of women’s and girls’ rights are adequately documented and ultimately prevented;
  • Ensuring that children’s rights are respected and their needs met when they come in contact with the law;
  • Helping justice and security actors monitor the performance of the justice and security sector by building solid data collection, monitoring and evaluation systems within institutions and civil society organisations.

To achieve these goals, it has partnered with 13 justice and security institutions and more than 40 civil society organizations and universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Programme builds on the achievements and lessons learnt from earlier UNDP and UN Women rule of law programming, notably the UNDP Rule of Law & Access to Justice Programme in the oPt (2010-2014), the UNDP/EUPOL COPPS Joint Programme (2012-2014), and the UN Women Project on Support for Delivery of Security and Justice Services for Women (2011-2014).



The Joint Programme started in May 2014, and has achieved the following key results during its inception phase:

  • More than 12,200 individuals (55 per cent of them women) provided with legal representation and counselling;
  • 22 officers of the Palestinian Civil Police trained in gender and public administration;
  • Code of Conduct for the Palestinian Civil Police developed, published and distributed among all officers of the PCP;
  • Six laws and bylaws reviewed by the Gender Legislative Committee of the Ministry of Justice, and four by the Juvenile Justice Committee;
  • Provision of public justice e-services improved including maintenance payments for the most vulnerable women and children.

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed Per Year (USD) Delivery (USD)
SIDA USD 1.9 million USD 2.7 million
NRO USD 2.7 million
BPPS USD 500,000
SIDA USD 1.9 million  
NRO USD 3.8 million  
SIDA USD 1.9 million  
NRO USD 2.7 million  
TOTAL USD 15.4 million

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