Effective and Efficient Palestinian Institutions Fulfilling International Objectives for Statehood

Brief Description

 Graduation ceremony for a group of civil servant graduates from the Civil Service Leadership Programme, implemented by UNDP/PAPP

This project is part of UNDP’s Supporting Governance for Palestinian Statehood Programme which focuses on three principle areas to support governance for Statehood, namely, strengthen public institutions, foster civic engagement in national planning and policy processes, and strengthen national and international advocacy platforms for the State of Palestine. The ultimate goal is to strengthen Palestinian aspirations to achieve a functioning, accountable and independent State.

The historic recognition of the Palestinian right to statehood at the UNGA in November 2012 requires active engagement by Palestinian institutions and citizens to advocate at the international level for full accession to statehood by increasing diplomatic efforts for the recognition of the Palestinian state, by continuing efforts to see the State of Palestine qualify for membership in international treaties and organizations and by building stronger ties with countries of the South through cooperation.

This intervention looks at enhancing the capacities and the institutional efficiency of the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to better represent Palestinian interests abroad. Given the new international context and the oPt’s recognition as a State, it is essential to support the establishment of an international legal unit within the MoFA staffed with legal advisors whose main function will be to provide legal advice and analysis on International Law.

At the same time, a comprehensive institutional capacity assessment will be carried out to identify capacity assets and gaps. Based on the assessment recommendations, a new strategic framework for MoFA will be formulated that will encompass MoFA’s response to the GA Resolution and scaling-up its role internationally. Additionally, MoFA’ lead role in South-South cooperation will be supported to enhance its outreach globally through the establishment of the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA).

Accomplishments and Progress

  • Internal IT capacities (hardware) established
  • Fully fledged ICT strategy implemented
  • Specialized library in Foreign Affairs, International Law and Diplomacy established
  • Specialized Diplomatic English & Communication training delivered
    Design of the new Palestinian International Cooperation Agency finalized
  • Technical human resources support through the deployment of UNVs and international consultants
  • Provision of ad-hoc legal advisors

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
UNDP USD 54,000  
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
UNDP USD 217,000 USD 42,851
Prior 2012
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
UNDP USD 231,000 USD 201,045

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