Right to Education in the Gaza Strip

Brief Description

Initiated in February 2015, with a budget of just over USD 21 million from Qatar Development Fund through Al Fakhoora - a programme of Education Above All Foundation, the Right to Education programme aims to reconstruct and rehabilitate educational facilities that were damaged and destroyed during the 2014 hostilities on Gaza, increase the capacity for mental health care in Gaza and restore the hope of youth for increased prospects of employment through e-work.

The programme targets 51 educational institutions including the rebuilding of totally damaged schools, rehabilitation of partially damaged universities, schools and vocational training centres. Innovation is capitalized in implementation through introducing elements of child friendly schools, provision of multi-purpose halls to serve as emergency shelters during crisis, installing sustainable green energy source (PV cells) to address electricity cuts and sustainable WASH (water and sanitation) facilities. Through the programme, over 600,000 Palestinian children and youth will regain equitable access to quality education in an inclusive and child-friendly learning environment.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Adequate learning environment provided through decreasing class overcrowding by reconstructing completely destroyed schools, adding new classrooms to the existing buildings, and rehabilitating private schools
  • Outcome 2: Building back better adopted in reconstruction/rehabilitation process promoting preservation of environment and enhancement to accessibility to essential services
  • Outcome 3: Accessibility to vocational and higher education enhanced through reconstruction of damaged university buildings and developing these facilities
  • Outcome 4: Mental health wellbeing enhanced for students and their parents through better mental health care and better prospects for a brighter future


  • 5 training centres rehabilitated
  • 3 higher education facilities have been rehabilitated. Rehabilitation works for 7 universities/colleges started in January 2016
  • 9 private schools have been rehabilitated, while another 4 are still in the implementation phase
  • 12 governmental schools are in the implementation phase, while 7 are in the design phase
  • 420 school counsellors have been trained on advanced skills of “mind and body” self-care technique, under the mental health component, to enhance children’s mental health resilience and wellbeing

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed 2015 - 2017 Amount Delivered / Disbursed - 2015
Qatar Development Fund through Al Fakhoora - a
Programme of Education Above All (EAA)
USD 21,200,041 USD 1,102,879

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