Access Coordination and Monitoring in the Gaza Strip

Brief Description

The Access Coordination and Monitoring Project was established in December 2010 to facilitate and account for the entry of materials used for UNDP projects in Gaza, in support of the recovery and reconstruction process.

Since the imposition of the blockade on Gaza in 2006, the projects of the UNDP infrastructure unit, the UN agencies and partners were dormant or suspended due to access restrictions. Therefore, only limited construction activities were possible. The need for infrastructure projects increased considerably further after the Cast Lead Operation (Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009), which caused large-scale destruction of socio-economic, public and private infrastructure.

With the Israeli Cabinet decision in June 2010 to relax certain aspects of the closure policy on Gaza, resulting in the likely opening of access of goods and materials through international project, UNDP had to prepare to address considerable access coordination challenges. Accordingly, an access project responsible for the coordination, monitoring and control of materials movements, storage and handling was created.

Since its establishment, the unit has received its first funding from the Government of Norway for over one million dollars. Further funding for a lesser amount has been  received for 2012. Unlike other agencies that rely on numerous staff members on both sides of the security fence to conduct inspections of the cargo, the ACMT utilizes a smaller multitasked team to accomplish the same result.

Progress and Accomplishments

The Access project has managed to inject new life into 44 construction projects that were frozen in the Gaza Strip due to lack of materials. The value of these projects is over USD 22 million (60% of the total Gaza Office delivery). Two years project extension was approved for funding by the Government of Norway for the operations in 2013 and 2014 with a total amount of USD 2,599,550 (USD 1.2 million in 2013 and 1.3 million for 2014).

The following table illustrates the amounts of materials crossed from January 2011 to the end of March 2013.

Material Type


Quantity Received

Number of Trucks

























Challenges and Constraints

Despite the fact that UNDP has slowly increased the volume of project materials into Gaza, injecting new life into projects delayed due to lack of materials and in spite of easing of access for some commercial goods, full-fledged reconstruction is not feasible because Gaza Strip continues to be under blockade. In the same vein, severe restrictions on export continue to hamper prospects for economic development and growth.

A more specific issue hindering coordination is the long delay for the Israeli COGAT approval process for UNDP projects; thus delaying the start-up of these projects.

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
Government of Norway USD 867,002 USD 867,002
Donor Amount Contributed Amount Disbursed
Government of Norway USD 1,163,797 USD 903,096

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