Palestinian Families Economic Empowerment Programme (DEEP)

May 1, 2019

Introduced through UNDP, under a partnership with the Palestinian government and major funding from the Islamic Development Bank (Al Aqsa Fund), DEEP has become the State of Palestine’s primary model for assisting poor households to access financial services and other economic empowerment tools. It operates on two levels. First, it reaches out directly to some of the poorest individuals and households, as well as people who are vulnerable because they are young, female or have disabilities. Empowered to improve their economic situation, often through establishing small enterprises, they gain income as well as confidence, self-esteem, and other social and psychological assets. On a second, broader scale, DEEP bolsters a productive economy and fosters social stability. It has helped establish an institutional framework that sustains national efforts to reduce poverty over time, in line with commitments under the national Social Protection Sector Strategy.Through an extensive network of partner NGOs and microfinance institutions, by 2018, the programme had provided economic empowerment activities for more than 16,000 microenterprises and created over 52,000 jobs through small start-ups and existing businesses. Revenue from established microenterprises now tops $280 million a year. Following nearly 12 years of successful implementation, DEEP concluded in 2019, having been fully institutionalized within the Government. the publication highlights the achievements of the programme as well as the tools and processes used through its implementation.

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