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Public Perceptions of Palestinian Justice and Security Institutions in 2015

Public perceptions of palestinian justice and security institutions in 2015

Mar 10, 2017

This third survey of the public perceptions of Palestinian justice and security institutions is a continuation of the series, and has been conducted under "Sawasya", the UNDP / UN Women joint Programme "Strengthening the Rule of Law: Justice and Security for Palestinian People". The initial survey conducted in 2011 provided baseline information, while a follow-up survey, carried out in 2012, ascertained progress made in strengthening the rule of law. This survey further measures progress and provides recommendations to authorities, development organisations and civil society regarding areas in which to focus when designing programming in support of the rule of law.

This survey was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire designed by UNDP in consultation with national and international partners. It was endorsed by a technical committee comprised of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Justice, the High Judicial Council, the Attorney General’s Office, Sharia’ Courts, the Palestinian Civil Police, the Ministry of Interior. The Palestinian Bar Association, and the Independent Commission for Human Rights. The survey size (8,000 household survey sample, of which 6,823 completed the questionnaire) and sampling methodology enabled a broad range of opinions to be recorded.

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