Plan Magazine - Spatial Visioning Reflections: Gaza

20 Jan 2016


Welcome to the second edition of ISOCARP’s magazine Plan, with each edition focused on a place seen through the lens of visiting architects, designers and urban planners. The first three editions of the magazine explain the experiences and ideas of an Urban Planning Advisory Team who visited Gaza and the West Bank in June 2015, and who tried to envision the types of urban environments that might exist in a future State of Palestine. Not many people are able to visit Gaza, so on page 8 we begin with some facts and photographs before talking to the United Nations Development Programme about their work with the Palestinian people. One recent project of UNDP was to work with UN Habitat and the International Society of City and Regional Planners to assemble our Urban Planning Advisory Team to undertake a spatial visioning exercise for a future State of Palestine, and in the case of Gaza, hold a conversation on how to build back better after the devastation of last year’s war.

This magazine has been created thanks to the goodwill of a great team of urbanists brought together by ISOCARP for UNDP and UN Habitat - we hope that you enjoy the magazine and, one day, also get the chance to walk the streets of Gaza.

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