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A Business Owner and Mother

Amal Moqat, is a 47-year-old mother from Gaza and the sole breadwinner of her family. She applied for a grant from UNDP's DEEP programme to revive my husband’s plant nursery after he left her. She…  

Al Fakhoora Scholarship and Empowerment Programme

The programme, which is worth over USD 40 million and targets more than 1000 youth and their families, is funded bilaterally by the State of Qatar’s Al Fakhoora - A Programme of Education Above All…  

Adding life to words – a voice from Gaza

SAWTI (my voice in Arabic) is an employment generation initiative launched by UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People to develop the skills and capacities of talented young graduates…  

Palestinian Families Economic Empowerment Programme

DEEP improves livelihood outcomes for poor and vulnerable Palestinian households, and effectively enables them to extricate themselves from poverty.  

Economic Recovery in the Gaza Strip - A Distant Goal

The year 2017 marks ten years of the siege of Gaza. Already weakened by years of economic blockade and isolation, the 2014 hostilities wreaked further damage on Gaza’s infrastructure, housing, and…  

Beyond Survival: Challenges to Economic Recovery and Long-Term Development in Gaza

The report provides an analysis of the main challenges that are currently dominating Gaza’s business environment, three years after the 2014 hostilities, and proposes a fresh approach to support…  

Poverty reduction

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Fast Facts - Poverty

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