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Supporting women's access to justice through legal aid services amidst COVID-19

Haya, is a 22-year-old young woman from Gaza who is facing a failed marriage and an abusive husband. She received legal aid with support from the Sawasya II Access to Justice Joint Programme.  

Rule of Law and State-Building: Forging the Social Contract

Effective state-building is not simply about building or capacitating state institutions. It is about forging a “social contract” between the state and its inhabitants, shaping and enforcing a set of…  

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Strengthening the Rule of Law in the oPt

The Joint Rule of Law Programme was launched on 01 May 2014 and works on both the ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ side of enforcing the rule of law. This means that it works on improving service delivery by…  

Development of the Palestinian Civil Police Code of Conduct

The Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), with support from UNDP and EUPOL COPPS, has finalised its first ever code of conduct, in consultation with civil society and other Palestinian Authority (PA)…  

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