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Mohammed Abu Shahla, Shaimaa Al Qassas and Ali Al Shawwf, three engineering students met at a local competition in Gaza and introduced their idea of turning waste into bricks. This next generation of…  

Locally Developed Sustainable Energy Transitions

Uplifting the performance and capability of marginalized LGUs to be capable of leveraging their resources to build solar energy power plants as a catalyst for sustainable urban development.  

Environment Quality Authority Launches State of Palestine’s Stockholm+50 National Consultations

The national consultations organized by the Environment Quality Authority, in partnership with UNDP and Sweden, will be in line with the global theme and will address the environmental dimension of…  

Towards a Green Economy

The Government of Belgium and the United Nations Development Programme signed a contribution agreement worth US$7.2 million in support of improving natural resources management, reducing and managing…  

Climate Resilient Transformation

Climate change is the most prominent threat the world is facing, and it is having a severe impact on all aspects of life on this planet. Like all countries, the State of Palestine will be hit hard by…  

Renewable Energy for All in Gaza

Environment and Energy

UNDP Marks World Environment Day by Cleaning Gaza Beach

Volunteers from Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme cleaned 15,000 square meters of Gaza’s beach.  

Japan & UNDP Inaugurate Solid Waste Landfill in Jericho

The project is expected to benefit over 50,000 residents in Jericho and surrounding communities, safeguard the environment and have an impact on the economy.  

Palestinian Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

he Climate Change Adaptation Strategy sets out in detail the Vulnerability Assessment and Future Climate Risks Assessment by which key adaptation needs and options for the oPt are justified.  

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