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Mohammed Abu Shahla, Shaimaa Al Qassas and Ali Al Shawwf, three engineering students met at a local competition in Gaza and introduced their idea of turning waste into bricks. This next generation of…  

A Model for the Future

Under the auspices of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, the High Judicial Council, the Representative Office of Canada and the United Nations Development Programme marked the inauguration of the…  


The INSPIRE2022 conference is the third of the annual series that aims to empower youth towards positive change and play an active role in their communities.  

Locally Developed Sustainable Energy Transitions

Uplifting the performance and capability of marginalized LGUs to be capable of leveraging their resources to build solar energy power plants as a catalyst for sustainable urban development.  

The EU-UNDP partnership in the Arab States region

The report illustrates how, through its partnership, UNDP and the EU work hand-in-hand to build more resilient, prosperous, and inclusive societies in this unique region of the world.  

Specialized Court for VAW Cases in Nablus

The new specialized court for violence against women cases at Nablus Court was established under the UN Women portion of the Sawasya II Joint Programme and is the first court of its kind in the State…  

Environment Quality Authority Launches State of Palestine’s Stockholm+50 National Consultations

The national consultations organized by the Environment Quality Authority, in partnership with UNDP and Sweden, will be in line with the global theme and will address the environmental dimension of…  

Legal aid is a lifeline to domestic violence victims

Alaa, a 49-year-old woman from Gaza, divorced and is seeking help from a legal aid clinic supported through the Sawasya II UNDP/UNWOMEN/UNICEF Joint Programme: Promoting the Rule of Law in the State…  

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