Democratic governance

Governance and Social Development

Supporting the Palestinian people through a strong focus on democratic governance requires empowerment of both the State and its citizens to negotiate and manage expectations. Freedom of movement and lack of jurisdiction in large parts of the oPt hamper the rule of law and delivery of access to justice.

UNDP/PAPP’s support in the governance sector is aligned to Palestinian national priorities and focuses on the rule of law and access to justice, national unity and social cohesion, inclusion and participation, local governance, and public administration reform to build strong and accountable institutions.


Programmes and Initiatives

Sawasya II Joint Programme
Community Resilience and Development Programme
Construction of Hebron Courthouse


Access to justice

Advancing the rule of law, human rights and gender equality through a joint programme among UNDP, UNICEF and UN Women. Over 10,205 individuals, of which 5,132 women, recieved free legal aid in Gaza and the West Bank in 2018.

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