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UNDP/PAPP’s procurement unit manages the overall process of acquiring goods, civil works and services, which includes all functions from the identification of needs, selection and solicitation of sources, preparation and award of contract, and all phases of contract administration through the end of a services’ contract. The procurement unit uses a variety of procurement methods for the solicitation and tendering of goods, civil works and/or services, depending on the type of good or service being procured as well as its value. Some of the methods used include:

Request for Quotation: A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is used for the procurement of goods, services and/or civil works where the contract value is between USD 5000 and USD 100,000. Quotations are evaluated amongst a minimum of three responsive and qualified offers, upon which an award is made to the lowest priced acceptable offer.

Invitation to Bid: An Invitation to Bid (ITB) is generally used for the procurement of goods valued at USD 100,000 or more; or where technical approaches to the relevant project or the management/supervision of a project activity are not requested of prospective Vendors. ITBs may also apply for the procurement of civil works or services, which can be quantitatively and qualitatively expressed. Quotations are evaluated amongst a minimum of three responsive and qualified offers, upon which an award is made to the lowest priced acceptable offer.

Request for Proposals: A Request for Proposal (RFP) is recommended for all contracts exceeding USD 100,000 where the desired inputs and/or outputs cannot quantitatively and qualitatively be expressed in sufficient details at the time the invitation is made. Similarly, proposals are evaluated amongst a minimum of three responsive and qualified offers received in accordance to the two-envelope method, upon which award is made to the proposal that is most responsive to the specified requirements, including price and other factors.

Micro Purchasing: Micro Purchasing is a procurement method based on the comparison of informal price quotes obtained from potential Suppliers to assure best value for money, and is an appropriate method for the procurement of readily available off-the shelf goods or standard specification commodities valued less than USD 5000, or simple civil works also valued less than USD 5000.

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Procurement notices


Reference Number Description   Type Area Issue Date Closing Date
RFQ-PAL-0000062888 Establishment of Recreational area in Khan Younis Request for Quotation Gaza Strip 18.03.2019 28.03.2019
RFQ-PAL-0000063860 Lot#10-A: Construction of the external toilet units and boundary walls and rehabilitation the existing spectator in Khan Younis playground Request for Quotation Gaza Strip 26.02.2019 14.03.2019
ITB-PAL-0000062884 Lot#12: Construction of the western grandstand in Beit Lahia playground Invitation to Bid Gaza Strip 18.02.2019 07.03.2019
RFQ-2019-PAL-0000060748 RFQ-2019-PAL-0000060748-Forensic Science Laborator (on behalf of UNODC) Request for Quotation occupied Palestinian territory 15.02.2019 25.02.2019
IC-2019-PAL-61757 SDG 16 National Team Coordinator – Ministry of Justice Individual Contract occupied Palestinian territory 12.02.2019 27.02.2019
IC-PAL-0000058562 A Proposed Study for PICDEC O&M Business Model Consideration Individual Contractor Jericho with possible travel to West Bank and Jerusalem 31.01.2019 11.02.2019
ITB- PAL-0000058252
Construction of Main Influent Pressure Line from Existing GRP Pipe to KY WWTP
Invitation to Bid Gaza Strip 24.01.2019 11.02.2019


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