Graduation of Civil Servant Employees in Partnership with the General Personnel Council

Apr 15, 2014

Speech by UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator Mr Frode Mauring

Excellency Musa Abu Zaid,
Dr Younes Amer
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Over the years, UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People has supported the Palestinian government in its efforts to strengthen and develop governance systems and administrative institutions.

UNDP is pleased to be a trusted development partner with the Government, and the General Personnel Council in particular, in supporting the State-building agenda.

Facilitating capacity for good governance is central to UNDP’s development mandate, and there is no state in the world that functions well and delivers services to its people without a strong civil service.

UNDP’s partnership with the General Personnel Council has ensured that over 800 civil servants have been provided with the necessary skills to carry out their roles efficiently.

We live in an information age that is continuously experiencing growing levels of connectivity. Citizens are demanding, and more empowered as access to almost any kind of information lies at their fingertips.
The demands of the modern workplace insist that training and education are not one-off events. Regular trainings for senior and junior staff are required to meet the needs of the Palestinian people.

The unwavering efforts of the Palestinian government to upgrade its human resources information system and to seek continuous improvement in public services are certainly evident in today’s ceremony. The IT training is a fundamental component in the management of human resources and to use 21st century tools to ensure the future of Palestinian civil service.

Together, with the General Personnel Council and Al Quds Open University, we have worked hard to make sure that the trainings responded to the needs of the civil servants as much as possible.

You, as civil servants, have a meaningful contribution to make to your society and State. Today’s occasion gives you an opportunity to reflect on your role and performance.

Let me conclude by expressing my thanks to the General Personnel Council and Al Quds Open University for their contributions. Graduates: I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Thank you.