Under the Auspices of H.E. Prime Minister Al Hamdallah - The Government of Germany and UNDP Open the First Youth Village in the West Bank

May 17, 2017

West Bank, 17 May 2017 – The Federal Republic of Germany, through its German Development Bank KfW, Sharek Youth Forum, UNFPA, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP/PAPP), marked the opening of the first youth village in Kufur Ne’mah in the West Bank, as a pioneering integrated project implemented by Palestinian youth in open air.

“On behalf of the Prime Minister, I would like to congratulate you on this national achievement where innovation and excellence can be seen in every corner of the village,” said Dr Sa’ed Al Kuni, representative of the Prime Minister. 

The Youth Village is an educational, environmental, sports, and recreational village established by Sharek Youth Forum west of Ramallah on 35 dunums of land near the village of Kufur Ne’mah.

H.E. Dr Sabri Saidam, Minister of Education and Higher Education commended the organizers on this great achievement and highlighted the importance of the village location also as a destination to be considered for school trips in the future. 

The construction of the eco-park and youth campground over a 5000 m2 area was funded by the Federal Republic of Germany for the amount of Euro 100,000, through phase 10 of its employment generation programme, and implemented by UNDP. The project, which generated over 1,700 work days, included a multipurpose hall, sanitary units, kitchenette, underground water tank, stone walls and seating areas, yards and corridors among others.

Chairwoman of Sharek Board of Directors, Ms Ratibah Abu Ghosh, expressed her great pride of this model project that is constructed in open air in Kufur Ne’mah, on a piece of land owned by Forum, to provide a venue that serves that needs of Palestinian youth.   

The Eco Park, with its multifaceted grounds, will serve as a space for a number of diverse educational events, such as debate and dialogue camps, national education initiatives, as well as environmental and recycling trainings. The village in itself will also host events promoting democratic ideals, such as elections camps that empower youth to become more politically involved and enable them to play a vital role in the development of their communities.

Additional financial support was also provided to develop the Youth Village through UNFPA. An arena for challenge and adventure was established there, in addition to a space designed for agricultural work; all furnished with equipment made out of recycled materials. “This is a strategic project for Palestinian youth as it provides an educational and recreational experience through coexistence with nature,” said Sima Alami, Director of youth programmes at UNFPA.

Representing UNDP, Nader Atta highlighted that this campground will be a place to teach young people about the necessary skills that they will need for the future, a place to learn and protect the environment. “This is an example of how the Government of Germany and UNDP are making a difference. With German support, we are able to create a positive and transformative environment, not only through structures, but also new opportunities for the Palestinian population to enhance their living conditions,” he added.

The Government of Germany has funded, through KfW and executed by UNDP, over 726 projects in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip through its Euro 91.9 million Employment Generation Programme (EGP), generating over 1.2 million workdays and thousands of permanent jobs. Out of these projects, 56 were implemented in East Jerusalem, with investments reaching Euro 5.8 million.


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