Al-Fakhoora Dynamic Future’s Scholars Call for the Protection of Children and Preservation of Archeological Sites at Model UN Conference in Gaza

Dec 11, 2016

Iyad, representing the United Arab Emirates at the Model UN Conference in Gaza, with his mother

Gaza Strip, 11 December 2016 – Taking on their roles as ambassadors at a Model UN simulation, around 100 Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures scholars voiced their concerns vis–à–vis the ongoing conflict in the Middle East region during a Model UN Conference in Gaza. Students gathered in attendance of Palestinian public figures, UN and representatives of International organization to have their say over critical issues related to children being victims of conflict as well as the destruction of archeological sites.     

Supported by dynamic young volunteers, Al Fakhoora scholars worked together over a four months period simulating United Nations sessions on issues currently on the UN agenda, learning about UN protocols and procedures, enhancing their art of debate and diplomatic speeches.

Modeling the General Assembly, students simulated UN Security Council sessions and discussed the protection of children’s rights and affirmed the importance of protecting world heritage, especially in a conflict setting.

Basil Nasser, Head of UNDP Office in Gaza highlighted “In Gaza, setting up and launching a Model UN conference is indeed an initiative to be proud of, especially under the difficult circumstances it is under. We have a shared concern and sense of responsibility for the world’s future. Just by bringing you together to discuss important international and regional issues of today, you are laying the foundations as tomorrow’s leaders to advocate for solutions to these pressing problems”.

The conference concluded by a statement calling on the International community to stand firm for the protection of children against the alarming incidents still taking place in the region that violate their rights and called for an immediate halt to the destruction of archeological sites.

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme is funded bilaterally by the State of Qatar’s Al Fakhoora - A Programme of Education Above All and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and implemented by UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People. The programme aims at establishing of a cadre of Palestinian university graduates from underserved backgrounds, making meaningful contributions as leaders in their communities and globally. It is worth noting that Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme has already benefited 575 scholars to date.


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