Press releases

  • Under the Auspices of H.E. Prime Minister Al Hamdallah - Ministry of Local Government, Italy and UNDP Celebrate Completion of projects in Area C Feb 8, 2017

    The completed projects were funded by the Government of Italy for the amount of Euro 3 million and implemented through UNDP’s Facilitating Access to Infrastructure Resilience in Area C and East Jerusalem programme (FAIR). With Italian financing, the programme was able to Improve access of 90,000 people in the West Bank through public transportation infrastructure, provide better living conditions for 1,500 Palestinians through the rehabilitation of housing units in East Jerusalem, create 17,400 job opportunities for Palestinian labourers and provide a better learning environment to 200 students by utilizing an inclusive early childhood development facility.

  • Under the Auspices of the Minister of Local Government The Government of Japan and UNDP Inaugurate Solid Waste Landfill in Jericho Feb 8, 2017

    The Ministry of Local Government, the Environment Quality Authority, the Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP/PAPP), marked the inauguration of the Jericho landfill expansion for improved solid waste management in the Jericho and Jordan River Rift Valley area. The expansion of the Jericho landfill project is funded by the Government of Japan for the amount of USD 3.1 million and implemented by UNDP/PAPP. The project is expected to benefit over 50,000 residents in Jericho and surrounding communities, safeguard the environment and have an impact on the economy.

  • UNDP statement, attributable to a UNDP Spokesperson on Waheed Al Bursh Case Jan 4, 2017

    UNDP has noted the court’s finding that Mr. Al Bursh has been sentenced for providing services to an illegal entity, without intent to cause harm. The court indicates that Mr. Al Bursh will be released on 12 January 2017. This outcome confirms that there was no wrongdoing by UNDP. UNDP has zero tolerance for wrongdoing in its programmes and is committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

  • Education Above All increases investment in a new generation of leaders in Gaza Dec 18, 2016

    Education Above All (EAA), through its programme Al Fakhoora, and in partnership with UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, awarded 265 new scholarships to young leaders in the Gaza Strip. This will enable young people to attend university, build a better future for themselves and their families, and lead their communities toward a more peaceful future. These scholarships represent an unprecedented investment in higher education in Gaza. It is the largest ever intake for Al Fakhoora’s scholarship programme, Dynamic Futures.

  • Ministry of National Economy, PIEFZA, Jericho Municipality, Government of Japan and UNDP Inaugurate the Mahmoud Darwish Road in Jericho Dec 15, 2016

    The Ministry of National Economy, the Palestinian Industrial Estates and Free Zones Authority (PIEFZA), the Government of Japan, Jericho Municipality, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), inaugurated the Mahmoud Darwish Road improving access to the Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) and facilitating the movement of materials and products geared for export. During the implementation phase, the project has generated approximately 980 workdays.

  • The European Union, the Islamic Development Bank and UNDP launch the Revitalization of Sultan Suleiman and Salah Eddin Streets in East Jerusalem Dec 13, 2016

    The European Union, the Islamic Development Bank, the Islamic Waqf, Arab Chamber of Commerce and UNDP/PAPP launched the Productivity and Urban Renewal Programme in East Jerusalem (PURE). The programme, with a total value of around USD 22 million, aims at supporting the resilience of Palestinians residing in East Jerusalem by improving socio-economic conditions through the urban revitalization of two key commercial centres in the city namely Salah Eddin and Sultan Suleiman streets. The PURE programme is currently funded by the European Union (EU) (5 million Euros) and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) (USD 4 million). The programme will be implemented by UNDP/PAPP over a 30-month period in cooperation with the Islamic Waqf and the Arab Chamber of Commerce in East Jerusalem.

  • Al-Fakhoora Dynamic Future’s Scholars Call for the Protection of Children and Preservation of Archeological Sites at Model UN Conference in Gaza Dec 11, 2016

    Al Fakhoora scholars worked together over a four months period simulating United Nations sessions on issues currently on the UN agenda, learning about UN protocols and procedures, enhancing their art of debate and diplomatic speeches. Modeling the General Assembly, students simulated UN Security Council sessions and discussed the protection of children’s rights and affirmed the importance of protecting world heritage, especially in a conflict setting.

  • With Support from the Bank of Palestine Opening Ceremony for Three Renovated Governmental Schools in Gaza Dec 6, 2016

    As part of the continuing efforts to support the education sector in the Gaza Strip, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Bank of Palestine and UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) celebrated the opening of three governmental schools in Gaza, providing improved access to educational facilities to over 3000 students. The project comes as part of the “Periodic Maintenance of Governmental Schools in Gaza Strip” project, funded by the Bank of Palestine for the amount of USD 150,000 over a three-year period, and implemented by UNDP/PAPP. It is expected that more than 15000 children youth will benefit from access to the renovated facilities in 15 governmental schools across the Gaza Strip.

  • USD 4.4 million from Sweden in Support of Area C and East Jerusalem Projects through UNDP Dec 1, 2016

    The Government of Sweden and UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People signed a SEK 40 million (USD 4.4 million) contribution to the Community Resilience and Development Programme (CRDP) in support of the Palestinian population living in Area C and East Jerusalem. The additional resources will bring Sweden’s total contribution to the CRDP programme to SEK 130 million.Led by the Palestinian Government, CRDP is funded by the Governments of Sweden, Austria, and Norway for an amount of over USD 24 million, and implemented by UNDP.

  • OFID extends grant to UNDP in support of the Palestinian people Nov 24, 2016

    The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) signed a USD 1 million grant agreement with UNDP/PAPP to support Phase II of an initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of low-income Palestinian families in East Jerusalem by providing them with safe and affordable housing. The agreement was signed by Suleiman J Al-Herbish, OFID Director-General, and Roberto Valent, UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator, and witnessed by H.E. Hussein Al Araj, Palestinian Minister of Local Government, on the sidelines of the Palestinian Resilience Conference taking place on 24-25 November 2016.