Eight Goals for 2015


  Promoting the MDGs in Gaza

The occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) is placed in the lower middle-income group of countries in terms of the Human Development Index. With the exception of Goal one, progress towards achieving the MDGs remains favorable in the context of the ongoing occupation and blockade. National support for the attainment of MDGs by 2015 remains strong.  However, nothing short of an end to the occupation and the emergence of a sovereign State of Palestine will create the necessary conditions for significant further progress.

The ongoing social-economic and political crisis in the oPt in general and the Gaza Strip in particular are expected to cause dramatic deterioration in MDG indicators, especially with respect to poverty and hunger, health, and education. In addition to the economic and social closure of the territory, the sharp increase in the prices of major production inputs and basic food supplies together with the world financial crisis has rendered the current national poverty reduction strategies insufficient and less than adequate to face the existing crisis. The uncertainty in the political situation poses challenges in achieving progress until 2015; the cut-off date for most MDG based national strategies.

UNDP’s Leadership on the MDGs in the occupied Palestinian territory

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Fifty-year-old Um Mohammad, a mother of nine, has been living with HIV for 16 years in the Gaza Strip in the occupied Palestinian territory. She was nursing her baby girl when tests revealed she was HIV positive.More 

Graduated recently as an architect, Raed El-Shorafa, 27 years old, was facing the risk of joining the increasing numbers of the unemployed in Gaza. Raed was granted USD 6,500 as part of the MDG Joint Programme on Culture and Development of USD 3 million.More 


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