Poverty Reduction

UNDP/PAPP's assistance to the Palestinian people in all the sectors is aimed at contributing to the reduction of poverty. UNDP/PAPP has worked extensively to alleviate poverty in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) through innovative solutions that ensure enhanced access to productive assets and economic opportunities and mainstreaming poverty related issues.


Since 2007, increased pressure stemming from the occupation has affected the Palestinian economy and livelihoods: the blockade of the Gaza Strip, the tightening of restrictive policies in Area C and in Jerusalem; and, the considerable restriction on freedom of movement in the West Bank. This has imposed major costs on the Palestinian productive and trade sectors, undercutting development prospects significantly. more

Promoting Productivity and Dignity through Livelihoods

UNDP/PAPP is increasing the resilience of Palestinians beyond the short-term solutions of food assistance and temporary employment generation

Our Stories

  • Hala, in the yellow scarf, assisting a staff member at the workshop in producing one of her designs through Al Fakhoorah Programme in Gaza

    When Economic and Education Empowerment pave the way for success

    Divorced in 2010, Hala Da’lsa, 29, a refugee at Al Bureej Camp in Gaza, was left devastated and alone to provide for herself. She embarked onmore

  • Inayat Nageeb in her lingerie shop, a business she was able to start thanks to a grant from DEEP. Through her business, she has doubled her family's income. (Photo: UNDP PAPP)

    Woman lifts her family out of poverty in the West Bank

    Starting a business with limited resources in East Jerusalem, West Bank, is a challenge — especially for women. For Inayat Nageeb, a housewife and a mothermore

Projects and Initiatives


Deprived Families Economic Empowerment Programme

The objective of the programme is to improve the living conditions of economically deprived and socially marginalized Palestinian families. more


Export Development for Palestinian Businesses in the West Bank

The export development project aims at increasing export opportunities for Palestinian businesses, especially businesses owned by women, in sectors with export and income-generating potential in the West Bank. more

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