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  • Aug 22, 2013
  • Developing Palestinian exports

    Funded by Canada, a UNDP project supports Palestinian small and medium enterprises in the West Bank to increase their exports potential and access new markets.

  • Harnessing-in-the-sun

    Fatheya has a husband and 17 children to feed. The family has no income so she has to provide everything from the plot of land that surrounds her house. The family consumes most of what Fatheya produces but she also sells dried herbs and fruits to earn cash for clothes and other essentials.

  • When Economic and Education Empowerment pave the way for success

    Divorced in 2010, Hala Da’lsa, 29, a refugee at Al Bureej Camp in Gaza, was left devastated and alone to provide for herself. She embarked on an uncertain journey to start her own business making long black traditional dresses—Abayas. Her chances of success were not high, but the stakes left no room for failure.

  • Strawberry Packing Rooms- Gaza Red Gold Sold in Europe

    Imad Hamdouna, a 38-year-old father from Beit Lahia, who supports 10 family members, explains how farming is a way of life and a mean to live. Owning four acres in the north governorate of the Gaza Strip, Imad grows and distributes vegetables and fruits, especially strawberries, to local markets, and even international ones

  • New nets help fishermen in Gaza become self-reliant

    A UNDP-sponsored programme creates permanent employment opportunities through grants for microenterprises and helps over 66,000 families to graduate from poverty to economic self-reliance.

  • One year after – house reconstruction begins in Gaza

    45-year-old Belal Khalil Sa’adat is the owner of a damaged residence in Beit Hanoun. Sa’adat’s family home is one of the 3,463 non-refugee houses totally destroyed during the 2014 war on Gaza, and is also one of the first homes to be rebuilt.

  • Agricultural waste turns into income

    After my father passed away, I had to work in our land to support my family. We plant vegetables and other products. We produce so much waste and we used to throw it out or burn it in open spaces.” Yasmeen, who is the breadwinner for her 13 family members, explains.

  • Food production providing sustainable income

    Ensaf Shuaibi, has been volunteering as the head of the Deir Ghassaneh Women Association for the past four years, after retiring from her work at the Ministry of Education. The purpose of the Association’s food production project is to provide women with a sustainable source of income.

  • Inspired by Local Flavours

    Jamalat Dawod is a 38-year-old mother of five from Beit Duqu north west of Jerusalem. “Our food production project aims at providing families with products that are free of preservatives and chemicals”.

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