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Access to Healthy Water in Palestinian Villages

Sitting on hilltops, the neighbouring villages of Allar and Saida were far from the wells in the valley below. Access to water presented a daily burden. Residents spent a large part of their resources on collecting water, leaving only limited time and money for other investments. They harvested rainmore


Creating a Safe Place to Play

Creating safe playgrounds for children with disabilities and conserving the environment from solid waste was an idea sparked from the community’s assessment for their need to alleviate the dire state of their local environment.   The Global Environment Facility Programme, along with UNDP/ PAPP,more


Farmers in Gaza make the most of their date crops

Palm trees have graced the shores of the Mediterranean Sea by the Gaza Strip and provided a living for its residents for over 1,700 years.   Literally named “the Monastery of Dates”, Deir al Balah has depended for centuries on date farming for the livelihood of its 500 inhabitants.  Date fmore

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National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy sets out in detail the Vulnerability Assessment and Future Climate Risks Assessment by which key adaptation needs and options for the oPt are justified.

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