Environment and Energy

In the Environment sector, UNDP is providing assistance to the Palestinian Authority to reclaim, manage and protect the environment and natural resources – all essential for the survival of communities and foundational for national development. Support is also provided to ensure that climate change adaptation responds to the potentially increasing scarcity of natural resources in the occupied Palestinian territory.


The lack of control by Palestinian authorities over most of its natural resources, including water, land (Area C) and mineral resources considerably restrain the ability of the PA to design and plan for sound responses to environmental challenges. Thus, the water sector is one of the highest priority areas listed in the Palestinian Authority’s National Plan for 2011-2013.more

Access to safe water

UNDP is connecting communities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to water networks

Our Stories

  • Fatheya using the solar powered oven to dry the fruits and herbs before selling them to local markets, Gaza

    Harnessing the sun in Gaza

    It is around noon and Fatheya el Braim is taking dozens of cookies from a clay oven in her backyard. The cookies are coated in sesamemore

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  • A 3,000-cubic-metre water tank is now serving more than 50,000 residents of Rafah in the occupied Palestinian territory. (Photo: UNDP/PAPP)

    In Gaza, safe water supply changes lives

    Water is scarce in the occupied Palestinian territory and supplies barely meet the needs of the Palestinian people. More than 13 percent of the population currentlymore

Projects and Initiatives

Emergency Water Supply and Rehabilitation Programme

The Emergency Water Supply and Rehabilitation programme aims to improve the quality of life and health conditions through developing and improving water supply services and facilities in both Rafah and Northern Governorates in the Gaza Strip. The project will also serve residents of the poor camps, suburbs and rural areas surrounding the City of Rafah. more

UXO clearance and solid waste services improvement

The project aims at reducing threats to public health through clearance and safe disposal of UXOs, and management of municipal solid waste including construction debris in environmentally sound manner. more

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National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy sets out in detail the Vulnerability Assessment and Future Climate Risks Assessment by which key adaptation needs and options for the oPt are justified.

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