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  • Graduated recently as an architect, Raed El-Shorafa, 27 years old, was facing the risk of joining the increasing numbers of the unemployed in Gaza. Despite his good average, the job opportunities are rare. “I had no income. I was a burden on my family. Future is ahead and I was not certain of my plans” Raed said. Raed was granted USD 6,500 as part of the MDG Joint Programme on Culture and Development of USD 3 million.

  • Mai is a 35-year-old woman living in Al-Mghazi Camp in Gaza. She was first married at the age of 22 but her marriage ended without receiving any of her entitlements. UNDP provided her with free legal consultation through one of its legal aid clinics in Gaza.

  • This learning activity served as an introduction to understanding crises as part of the conflict management section of UNDP’s comprehensive Civil Service Leadership Development Programme in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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