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A source of Joy - Tour boat sets sail in Gaza

Graduated recently as an architect, Raed El-Shorafa, 27 years old, was facing the risk of joining the increasing numbers of the unemployed in Gaza. Despite his good average, the job opportunities are rare. “I had no income. I was a burden on my family. Future is ahead and I was not certain of my plamore


Creating a Culture of Leadership

Picture this:  Groups of students huddle around a large piece of paper. The papers are adorned with bright colours and complex diagrams. One teacher praises the students for their hard work. Another teacher walks around the room and tears up the students’ work.   The students are shocked amore


Education I am not alone

Teaching! Sounds like a lonely job; teachers work individually and struggle individually. They never have a real chance to observe how teaching occurs at the classroom next door, or even to share their experiences, give suggestions, comments and ideas to one another.  At Aziz Shahein, a school more