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  • A Window to Communicate

    Mariam Al Zamly is a 20-year-old woman who lives with her 11 family members in Rafah city, Southern Gaza Strip. Mariam is now a third-year student at the faculty of Mechatronics Engineering at Al Azhar University of Gaza. She received a scholarship from Al-Fakhoora Programme in 2015, covering her tuition fees and providing her with training opportunities in advocacy and leadership.

  • Back to our Heaven – House Rehabilitation in Gaza

    “Our home was considered a totally damaged one. It was about to be demolished when UNDP engineers decided it could be rehabilitated. This is how our story of hope began,” said Joma’a Dardona, one of the owners of four severely damaged flats located in a building at Al Tofah quarter, east of Gaza City.

  • Building for success in Gaza

    Musa Abu Etaiwi is a 32 years old Gaza resident who graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza, with specialization in Basic Education. He is married and has four family members. Musa teaches third grade students. The classroom is crowded and has 49 students that he can barely attend to.

  • Children with Disability: Restoring their Right to Education in Gaza

    Mohammed Al Dalou is a 12-year-old smart and enthusiastic student at the sixth elementary grade in Shams Al Amal School for the Physically Disabled in Gaza. “Now, the school looks amazing. I just love the colourful walls, the new classrooms and the garden. Actually, everything at the school is inspiring"

  • Enhancing quality of life and opportunities to learn

    “I had to leave school at the age of 12. At that time, schools in Gaza were not equipped with facilities that accommodate people with disabilities.With financial support from Al Fakhoora – Education Above ALL / Qatar, UNDP is implementing a USD 21 million programme to reconstruct and rehabilitate educational facilities damaged during the 2014 hostilities, and respond to the current deficit of classrooms in Gaza.

  • Entrepreneurial spirits in Gaza

    Sameer and his family are one of 500 families in Gaza who are benefiting from the Deprived Families Economic Empowerment Programme, a pilot scheme designed to lift families out of poverty rather than simply alleviate the effects of poverty.

  • Gaza School Going Solar

    The Gaza Strip is suffering from over 60% deficit in electrical power supply. UNDP, with funds from OFID, constructed solar cells in four schools in Gaza, in addition to two maternity clinics and a submersible pump for the Down Syndrome children society.

  • Harnessing-in-the-sun

    Fatheya has a husband and 17 children to feed. The family has no income so she has to provide everything from the plot of land that surrounds her house. The family consumes most of what Fatheya produces but she also sells dried herbs and fruits to earn cash for clothes and other essentials.

  • In Gaza, first female Mukhtara mediates legal disputes

    Palestinian women are being trained as informal mediators, helping negotiate and peacefully settle disputes.

  • Legal Aid Clinics in Gaza help people get protection of the law

    Asma lived in Jabalia Camp in Gaza where she attempted to raise a family while trapped in a violent marriage. UNDP helped establish a network of legal aid providers in Gaza.

  • Making beautiful designs

    Heba Abdel-Jawad, is a 15 year old attending the tenth grade at Shohada’ Al-Maghazi school in Gaza. She is one of the best students in her school, with a GPA of 98%.Shohada’ Al-Maghazi school is one of the governmental schools that will benefit from the Right to Education Programme.

  • New nets help fishermen in Gaza become self-reliant

    A UNDP-sponsored programme creates permanent employment opportunities through grants for microenterprises and helps over 66,000 families to graduate from poverty to economic self-reliance.

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