Support to Youth and the Sports Sector in the Gaza Strip

Brief Description

 A winning player awarded cup by Japan Ambassador Okubo and UNDP Deputy Representative Narjess Saidane at the table tennis tournament in Gaza

Youth represent over 30% of the Palestinian population residing in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Youth in the Gaza Strip, in particular, face very difficult realities where isolation adversely affects the population, especially the youth. The blockade, continuous hostilities, loss of incomes and others are creating devastating consequences for the population and local economy, particularly among youth and university graduates. Unemployment is becoming an increasing challenge for Palestinian youth, particularly in the Gaza Strip where it is almost 60% according to a World Bank report.

Along with the prevailing unemployment, poverty and conflict challenges, youth, both men and women, lack the presence of a healthy environment through which they can utilize their skills, energy, and free time in productive, cultural, and learning-based activities.

The “Support to Youth and the Sports Sector in the Gaza Strip” project is funded by the Government of Japan for the amount of USD 153,430.

The project is very much needed in an environment like the Gaza Strip where youth went through severe violence and difficult experiences within the last two years. The project will, through sports activities, alleviate youths’ frustrations and bottled feelings as a result of living under the blockade. It will provide the space for young people (male and female) from different refugee camps and towns in the Gaza Strip to be engaged, through watching and supporting sport activities.

The project’s main components include the provision of the necessary sports equipment and logistics for the daily operations of the participating 54 football teams (under 19-year-old) and enhance the quality and quantity of the services provided. The project will develop the capacities of the targeted sport clubs and youth centres that will be participating in the Tokyo Football League, for the Under-19, in the Gaza Strip. The project will also support young football players who are not members in an official football club and team. It will encourage / ensure female participation in different sports, namely volleyball and table tennis. This will include a table tennis tournament will be organized in eight refugee camps, in addition to a women’s volleyball championship.

Progress and Accomplishments

  • Building and enhancing capacities of 54 targeted sport clubs and youth centres, participating in the Tokyo Football League for the Under-19 in the Gaza Strip, with around 1,232 young players.
  • Providing support to young football players who are not members in official football clubs and teams.
  • Encouraging and ensuring female participation in different sports activities, namely in volleyball (460 players) and table tennis (160 players).
  • Providing space for young people in the Gaza Strip to be engaged in sports activities.

Finances and Delivery

Donor Amount Contributed in 2016  
Government of Japan USD 153,430.20

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