Our Funding and Delivery

Where our money comes from and what we spend it on?

The donor community, since 1994 has chosen UNDP/PAPP as one of its most reliable implementation partners for development activities throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Funds contributed either by donors or from UNDP's own resources are grants that do not have to be repaid by the Palestinian Authority. UNDP/PAPP operates under international rules of financial management, control and auditing, and as an international public institution, its operations are fully transparent.

  • The total donor contribution to the Palestinian People through UNDP/PAPP from 1993 till the end of August 2013 was over USD 1.1 billion
  • The total expenditure for 2012 reached over USD 63 million
  • PAPP’s core resources are at USD 3,188,000
  • PAPP’s non-core resources total USD 60,298,000

Main Donors Contributions - 2012

  • Islamic Development Bank (USD 51,500,000)
  • Germany (USD 4,200,000)
  • India, Brazil and South Africa Forum (USD 2,000,000)
  • Japan (USD 1,487,532)
  • Sweden (USD 18,362,129)USA (USD 2,300,000)
  • Global Fund (USD 1,660,239)
  • Palestinian Authority (USD 1,106,879)

Programme Delivery for Prog for Palestinian People

Programme Delivery 2008 Programme Delivery 2009 Programme Delivery 2010 Programme Delivery 2011 Programme Delivery 2012
$54,685,794.91 $81,385,459.07 $56,728,279.22 $81,755,351.82 $63,485,704.31

Programme Delivery 1993 - 2012

Programme Delivery 1993 - 2012
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Development for Freedom - Consolidated Plan of Assistance 2012 - 2014
Development for Freedom

The report provides an overview of UNDP/PAPP’s on-going and planned programmes in the sectors of democratic governance and the rule of law; economic empowerment of the most vulnerable and private sector investment; environment and management of natural resources; and public and social infrastructure.


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