Environment & Energy

  • Strategy to combat Dissertification in oPtJan 31, 2012The strategy aims to prevent, halt and where possible reverse the effects and impacts of desertification, land degradation and drought, in order to contribute to poverty alleviation, improve livelihoods of people and achieve sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territory.

  • Rio20 sustainable development under occupationJun 20, 2012This report is the Palestinian contribution to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). The report sheds light on the obstacles and challenges that the Palestinian people are facing under the Israeli occupation regime in pursuit of sustainable development.

  • GEFSGP environment sustainabilityFeb 28, 2013This publication highlights success stories and examples of good practices that demonstrate how GEF SGP has empowered community leaders, including women and other vulnerable groups, to find their own solutions to the environmental challenges they face.


UNDP is providing assistance to the Palestinian Authority to reclaim, manage and protect the environment and natural resources – all essential for the survival of communities and foundational for national development. Support is also provided to ensure that climate change adaptation responds to the potentially increasing scarcity of natural resources in the occupied Palestinian territory.