Prospects for Justice Sector Reintegration in the State of Palestine

01 Nov 2016 , 143 pages

A report commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme / Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People and authored by Mr. Pierre Charpentier

The present study was commissioned by UNDP/PAPP to produce an assessment of the evolution of the main judicial institutions (Ministry of Justice, High Judicial Council, Attorney General Office, High Judicial Shari’a Council) in Gaza Strip and the West Bank since the Division, and provide recommendations and practical mechanisms for their reintegration, highlighting in particular their needs in terms of mandate and functions; human resources, both quantitatively and qualitatively; and infrastructure. In light of the study findings, it can be concluded that obstacles to reintegration are far from insurmountable. Once the political deadlock is resolved, solutions could easily be provided along the following lines in order to ensure a smooth reintegration of judicial institutions.

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